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Welcome to our K7YCA ARES/RACES website.  The purpose of this site is to provide information on Amateur Radio support to the citizens, relief agencies and public services of Yavapai County Arizona. 

This site is dedicated to Lloyd Halgunseth, WA6ZZJ (SK).  His single minded COMMITMENT to Yavapai County ARES/RACES from 1998 through 2014 resulted in a first-class organization that selflessly serves the communities of Yavapai County.  We will continually strive to reach the bar he set so high.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide emergency communications support to the agencies we serve during natural and man-made disasters, and to provide communications for public service events in the cities and towns of Yavapai County.

About Us

Prior to 1998, Yavapai County had two ARES groups and one RACES group all serving the same purpose. This meant three different nets and an overlap in several areas. It was decided in early 1998 to organize as YAVAPAI COUNTY ARES/RACES and enroll all members into one group with dual membership.  This group would work directly with and through the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) in providing emergency communications.  Through the YCOEM, ARES/RACES also coordinates closely with the different cities and relief organizations in the county.

Yavapai County ARES/RACES currently has a database of  over 75 members enrolled throughout the county.  There is a staff of one RACES Radio Officer / ARES District Emergency Coordinator, one Emergency Coordinator and Assistant RACES Radio Officer, and five Assistant Emergency Coordinators serving in different capacities.

Permanent equipment installations are located in the Yavapai County Emergency Operating Center (EOC) along with other EOC locations in cities throughout Yavapai County.  A fully equipped Emergency Communications Van is maintained and based at the YCOEM for deployment where needed. 

Team Leaders

Bud Semon, N7CW - ARES District Emergency Coordinator and RACES Radio Officer - Yavapai County

Doug Jarmuth, N0DAJ - Asst. District Emergency Coordinator for Yavapai County and Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer for Southern Yavapai County

Patti Halgunseth, KD7VBG - Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer for Central Yavapai County - Prescott Valley

Peter Genereaux, W7PRG - Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer for Central Yavapai County - Prescott

Bryan Whipp, W7BNW - Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer for Central Yavapai County - Chino Valley

Contact us:  N7CW  N0DAJ  KD7VBG  W7PRG  W7BNW

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