For administrative purposes, Yavapai County ARES/RACES has divided the county into geographic regions, roughly as a function of population. If you would like to contact us, it might be easiest to start with the Emergency Coordinator for your area. However, anyone of us would be glad to talk to you.  

Bud Semon, N7CW  ARES District Emergency Coordinator and RACES Radio Officer – Yavapai County

Doug Jarmuth, N0DAJ – Asst. District Emergency Coordinator for Yavapai County and Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer (Wickenburg/Congress)

Rob Redford, KG7LMI – Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer

Don Sears, N7PLL – Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer

Randy Skrypek, AC7AJ – Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer (Verde Valley)

Jo Schultheiss, KF7WOT – Emergency Coordinator/Asst. Radio Officer 

Contact us:  N7CW  N0DAJ  KG7LMI  N7PLL  AC7AJ  KF7WOT