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The repeaters we maintain. 

147.260+  pl 103.5  Mt. Union


147.260+  pl 127.3 Mt. Francis

145.290-   pl 127.3 Mingus Mountain    

144.390 APRS Digipeater on Mt. Union


Sponsored by Hassayampa Amateur Radio Club


146.620-  pl 162.2 Yarnell Hill 


Yavapai County ARES/RACES has a net each Monday evening at 1830 and 1900 hours local time.  The net meets on the 147.260 Mt. Union repeater with a PL of 103.5 at 1830 hrs, and again at 1900 hrs on the145.290 Mingus Mountain repeater with a PL of 127.3.  The 145.290 net on Mingus Mountain is the primary net.  The 147.260 net is for those having trouble reaching the Mingus Mountain repeater.

The Arizona State RACES net meets at 0730 hours Sunday morning on 3990 Khz.

The Arizona Traffic-Emergency Net meets daily at 1830 hours MST on 3987 Khz.

The SkyWarn Sector 8 net meets each Monday evening at 1930 hours local time on the 147.260 Mt. Union repeater with a PL of 103.5.  



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