In order to join ARES/RACES in Yavapai County, you must fill out an application, sign a Commitment to Participate (read it here) and send it to the email address or the street address below.  The links to those documents are also below.

If you haven’t communicated with one of our Team Leaders, you will hear from one of us.  We like to introduce ourselves and find out a bit about your background and expectations.  When we receive your application, we will add you to our membership list as a Pending Member.  As a Pending Member, you will receive our newsletter, be invited to join our nets, our meetings and our training sessions.  You may be subjected to a background check by Yavapai County (this hasn’t happened for a very long time, but we are required to say it).  You will not be allowed to participate in any actual emergency callouts.

In order to become a Full Member, you must complete the Basic Training Requirements within 6 months of joining.  We provide additional opportunities for you to add to your training, which will allow you to participate more fully in our mission to support the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management (YCOEM) and our other served agencies.

When you complete each of the required courses, email or mail your certificates to one of the addresses below.  When you have completed them all, you will be issued a badge by the YCOEM and you will be expected to participate during declared emergencies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of us.


Application Form   PDF – fill electronically or print

Commitment to Participate   PDF – fill electronically or print

Email documents to N7CW

Or mail them to:


℅ Bud Semon

1801 Bridge Park Place

Prescott, AZ 86305