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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

10/5/2012 - ARES Certification memo added to Member's Only page.

5/13/2011 - Updated several bad links on the Links page due to changes on the ARRL website.

8/28/2010 - Dedicated Packet Radio web page added to site.

8/27/2010 - Packet Node information updated on Frequencies/Nets page.

6/9/2010 - Field Day Logging PowerPoint presentation added to Links page.

10/20/2008 - New Yavapai County Message Form and PPT instructions added to Members Only page.

10/20/2008 - New ICS-213 PPT presentation added to Training page.

10/20/2008 - Four functions removed from the Public Service page for services we no longer support.

5/20/2008 - Skull Valley Loop Challenge added to calendar.

2/18/2008 - New General Message (ICS-213) Form added to Blank Forms page.

2/13/2008 - New Communications Log replacing the Message/Event Log, and new Mini Communications Log added to Blank Forms Page

9/24/2007 - Links added to Training page for Incident Command IS-100 and National Incident Management System IS-700

8/15/2007 - Public Service Events Added to Calendar

7/27/2007 - New Photos Posted For MARC Communications Van

6/21/2007 - See Calendar page for Skywarn training event.

5/30/2007 - Check out the new MARC van on the Photos page.

3/28/2007 - New Roll Call and NCS lists for April added to Member's Only page.

2/3/2007 - New Roll Call and NCS lists for February added to Member's Only page.

2/3/2007 - Winlink2000 PowerPoint file added to Training page.

1/19/2007 - Link to RACES revised on Links page.

1/4/2007 - Yavapai County Division ARES chart added to Member's Only page. 

12/16/2006 - VHF/UHF frequency list on Member's Only page updated.

12/05/2006 - New Net Scripts for 2007 added to Member's Only page.

11/21/2006 - Richard Bozeat, KE7DTR, added to home page as AEC for Prescott.

11/20/2006 - New scripts for Resource and Tactical nets added to Member's Only web page.

11/8/2006 - New Mobilization/Demobilization Log put on Blank Forms page.

11/7/2006 - Link added on home page for Member's Only web page.

10/14/2006 - AccuWeather for Prescott added in new Prescott Weather page.

10/14/2006 - Address added for sending forms to How To Join page.

8/28/2006 - Link added to Public Service page for the Yavapai County Health Fair

8/25/2006 - Test of communications between SEOC and County EOC's.  Details on Member's Only page.

8/10/2006 - Link added to Links page for new Arizona amateur radio call letter license plates.

7/26/2006 - Instructions for ICS 213 message form added to Message Handling page. 

7/16/2006 - Some links added to public service events on the Public Service page.

7/8/2006 - New PowerPoint presentation and Voice Operating Guidelines on Training page.

6/29/2006 - New forms have been added to the How To Join page and on the Member's Only website.

6/26/2006 - Links added to Links page for the Arizona Section secure and unsecured sites.

6/8/2006 - New Event/Message Log with new ARES/RACES logo added to Blank Forms page.

6/8/2006 - New, round ARES/RACES logo replaced old, square logo.  New Mobilization Log with new logo added to Blank Forms page.

5/25/2006 - Message Handling on Training page completely revised with new ICS-213 form.

5/18/2006 - ICS Form 213 has been revised back to the PDF format for ease in printing.

5/17/2006 - Chris Hancock added as AEC for Camp Verde.

5/16/2006 - New Resource / Logistics Net and Tactical / Event / Operations Net scripts added to Forms & Scripts page.

5/16/2006 - New ICS Form 213 added to Forms & Scripts page.

5/7/2006 - Pictures posted on Photos page of 2006 Whiskey Row Marathon.

5/5/2006 - Incident Command Form, ICS-213 has been replaced with a new version.  This new form also replaces the Yavapai County Emergency Operations Center form. Now there is only one form.

4/11/2006 - Lee Cunningham, KC7CBK, has accepted appointment as EC/ARO for the Prescott area.

3/30/2006 - Al Barber, AA7OV, has replaced Mel Boreham as EC/ARO for the Cottonwood area.

2/14/2006 - EOC Message Form revised again to add block for an ARES/RACES message number. See Forms page.

2/5/2006 - Better quality EOC Message Form posted to Forms page.

2/1/2006 - Net scripts added to old Blank Forms page.  Page renamed to Forms & Scripts.

1/30/2006 - EOC Message Center form updated on Forms page.

1/30/2006 - Voice Operating PowerPoint presentation and Exercise 1 answers updated on Training page.

1/14/2006 - New PowerPoint presentation added to Training page for NCO.

1/11/2006 - Added new ARES/RACES Message/Event Log to the Blank Forms page.  This replaces both the old Message Log and the old Event Log.  The old forms were also removed from the Training page under the NCO heading.  The PowerPoint presentation for Net Control Operations is currently being revised to reflect the new form, and will be posted soon.

12/30/2005 - Added link to Colorado Emergency Communication material created by Pat Lambert, W0IPL.

12/28/2005 - Net frequency changes noted on Frequencies/Nets page.

12/18/2005 - New Commitment Letter posted to How To Join page.

12/13/2005 - Pictures of the new 145.290 repeater installation posted on the Photos page (Link)

12/10/2005 - The new ARES/RACES 145.290 repeater on Mingus Mt. is now operational.  See the frequencies link for further information.

12/07/2005 - Links added for the Arizona Traffic-Emergency Net to the Links and Frequencies/Nets pages.

11/19/2005 - Corrected e-mail address for Craig Dible.

11/12/2005 - Added ARRL Numbered Radiograms list to Training.  Added EOC Message form to Blank Forms.

11/11/2005 - Link added to front page for QRZ call sign lookup.

11/11/2005 - Return to top of page link added to longer pages.

11/7/2005 - Training presentation for Message Handling added to Training page.

11/7/2005 - Training presentations for Comm Van Setup and Served Agencies added to Training page.

11/6/2005 - Blank Forms Page added to facilitate downloading ARES/RACES associated forms.

11/6-2005 - Added Net Control Operations Course to Training.

11/2/2005 - Added links to ARRL Public Service Communication Manual, and Coconino County, Maricopa County, Pima County and Pinal County Emergency Communications.

11/1/2005 - Added link to the ARRL ARES E-Letter on the Links page.

10/30/2005 - Construction logo removed.  Site is considered finished, but it will be updated on a continuous basis as new material is made available.

10/25/2005 - Added Training Materials for EOC, Family Preparedness and Voice Operations to Training page.

10/25/2005 - Added net information to Frequency page.




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